It's easy to take pictures with the REALIST"45". The instructions on the next 7 pages tell how. You can start taking pictures right away.

Any standard 35 mm color or black and white film may be used; however, to utilize the wonderful realism of 3 dimensional pictures, color films are almost universally used.

A standard 35 mm 20 exposure roll will make 15 to 16 stereo pairs.
A standard 35 mm 36 exposure roll will make 28 to 29 stereo pairs.
Regular stereo color film is available and the number of stereo pairs to be expected is marked on the package.

1. Load in subdued light only.

2. Push rewind knob release TOWARD CAMERA BACK. This will release rewind knob.

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3. Pull rewind knob all the way out and turn counter clockwise. This will release back so it can easily be removed.

4. Cock shutter by pushing wind lever forward and allowing it to return.

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5. Turn take-up drum until hook is just starting down.

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*) For your convenience, brief loading instructions are found on the bottom of the camera.

6. Insert end of film in cutout of drum and turn take-up drum with thumb to right until hook solidly engages film end.

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7. Pull out just enough film to allow film spool to lie in magazine recess.

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8. Push in rewind knob (turn slightly) until it is locked in place and is flush with bottom of camera.

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9. Replace back with viewfinder opening down. Place left side (side with take-up spool) in first, then push right side to snap back securely in place.

10. Push wind lever clockwise until it stops. Allow it to return to normal position. Release shutter by pressing shutter release button.
11. Repeat instruction 10 above.

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12. The exposure counter automatically sets itself and is now on "0". The camera is now ready for the first picture.

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13. To help you remember what type film you have in your camera, set the film type indicator by pressing the thumb against the serrated button and turning until the correct film appears in the window.

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