The shutter is of the gear retarded, synchronized, cocking type, with speeds from 1/25th of a second to 1/200th of a second plus bulb (B). The shutter is electronically tested and timed so that the actual shutter speeds are the same as the speeds indicated on the speed setting ring. This helps you to properly expose your pictures.

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This lever, to the left, on top of the camera makes it easy to transport the film for your next exposure. It also automatically cocks the shutter while advancing the film. Push the wind lever forward with your thumb until it stops; allow to return and you're ready to take your picture. The arm may be left out for convenient access when taking pictures, or turned in for carrying.

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The viewfinder lens is midway between the camera lenses. The viewfinder eyepiece is conveniently located at the bottom of the camera. This allows you to steady the camera against your forehead and helps to eliminate hand motion while taking pictures.

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This wheel on top of the camera makes accurate focusing quick and easy. The range of the focus in the REALIST "45" is from 3 feet to infinity. Focusing is accomplished by moving the film plane. The lenses never move. Image alignment is always perfect.

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An important feature of your REALIST "45". The depth of field scale indicates the maximum range of sharpness, from the nearest point to the farthest point, that may be obtained with your REALIST "45" camera for each particular camera setting.

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The depth of field scale consists of two sets of numbers on top of the distance scale above your focusing wheel. The RIGHT set of numbers indicate the near distances at which your camera lenses are in sharp focus, depending upon the lens opening you have chosen. The LEFT set of numbers indicates the far distances at which your picture will be sharp, depending upon that same lens opening.

The shutter release button is located to the right on the top of the camera. This position makes it easy to operate with the second finger of your right hand. The shutter release is recessed to prevent accidentally tripping shutter after film is advanced. In the center of the shutter release button is a socket for the cable release.

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This small button located above and between the lenses allows you to cock the shutter manually should you want to intentionally double expose or make single exposures. Accidental double exposures are prevented by means of built-in-controls.

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The shutter in most cases must be set at 1/25th of a second, This allows the use of either or 20 milliseconds delay flash lamps or strobe flash. Contact to the attachment for photo flash is through the accessory clip on top of the camera. Flash timing switch of the REALIST "45" makes contact to

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