The Top 3 Ways to Check Lying Online Daters

The Top 3 Ways to Check Lying Online Daters

On an online dating site, it is easy to lie because we are not meeting the people face to face. Some daters often say things that are not true just to get more attention. Since we cannot talk to them personally, it is hard to spot when someone is already lying. Here are the top ideas on how you can uncover the lies that are being said.

  1. Online Relationship

If you have been chatting with the person for quite some time now and the other party doesn’t seem to have an interest in meeting face to face, chances are he or she has been lying all the time. A person who has built up a profile based on lies will not have the courage to face you because it means that his or her lies will be discovered. It’s not all the time though because, in some instances, the person is not just into you.

  1. A photo

Yes, a picture. It is in singular form because the person doesn’t want to add more photo to his or her account. It is not an absolute sign, but it is more likely that the person on the picture is not the same one you have been chatting. It could be a friend or an old picture that he or she had years ago.

  1. Rushing things

In an online dating site, you will somehow meet people who are in rush of getting your email or number so he can push through to talking and meeting you the soonest possible time. Beware of these people because they will tend to say everything they can to get under your pants.

We cannot be too sure when it comes to the people we will meet online. We have to be cautious in checking out the individuals that we will talk to. Take note of these things to make sure we can sort out which ones are telling the truth from the people who are just feeding you with lies.

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